To whom it may concern:

There are times in the lives of men, which principle and dedication to God requires a declaration and actions to resist those whom wish to impose upon them, laws that are wholly reprobate. Laws that are crass in their execution, without any respect to Providence or consideration of His creation. It is the responsibility of every man who holds his salvation dear to resist such. And though our deepest desire is to live peacefully with all men, today we must stand up to resist such tyrannical governmental dictates.

This declaration and corresponding actions may cost us our Earthly lives. Still we maintain that eternal life with God is more desirable, than to cower to the despotic nature of this Godless judicial system; which forces upon its people, laws repugnant to God and derelict of office.

We have been embroiled with a court case which the judicial has concluded that the spiritual, mental and mortal safety of our children is void of concern. Only that the villainous laws of the state, in its vanity, must be propagated is the resounding decree.

This case revolves around my wife Bridget and her three biological children from a prior marriage. The biological father is a 20+ year felon with multiple felonies. Amongst his many acts include claims made by his biological son “TJ” and brought to the awareness of a state licensed counselor, the Indiana State Police, Indiana State Senator Jim Tomes, Superior Court Judge Bent Almon , Posey County Prosecutor Travis Clowers and the Indiana Department of Children and Family Services. These claims perpetrated by his biological father (Tobias Christian Payne) are as follows:

He turned the dryer on while TJ was in it.
He whipped TJ with an electrical cord.
He threw TJ across the room.
He neglected TJ and his two sisters while in his custody.
If TJ and his sisters were to eat, TJ would search to find anything to microwave.
He spent all of his time in his bedroom and would not spend time with TJ or his sisters. They were not allowed in his bedroom. And when TJ attempted to do so was yelled at, had the door slammed in his face then he locked the door.
There was always a horrible smell in the home.
There were not clean dishes to use.
There was cat feces and urine all over the home.
He did not supply beds for them. TJ would make pallets in the living room for he and his sisters.
They were not allowed to change clothes or bathe.
He kept them locked in the house and would not allow them to go outside and play.
He punched TJ.
He threw TJ down concrete stairs.
He kept cameras up everywhere to see who was coming and going. Inside and outside of the home creating a state of fear and imprisionment.
He brought TJ into the bathroom and fondled TJ in his genital area for several minutes in a fashion that resembles masturbation, then left the bathroom.
He constantly yelled at TJ and his sisters calling them names.
He locked TJ inside of the bathroom cabinet.

Bridget and I have spent countless hours praying and praying with the children. Listening to their screams as they have nightmares. Holding them while they sob. Cleaning up after them, when they would wet the bed at night in fear of Tobias Payne and the above listed events.

Today after 4+ years I am glad to report that TJ and his sisters are very much proactive children in every aspect. TJ on his own has acclimated himself to taking the name “Thomas Jefferson” as opposed to being called his legal name which is the same as his abuser and molester.

TJ and his sisters are loved by their mother and myself. They are extremely socially active. Do well in home school. Read their Bibles, pray, play and are now able to lead the lives of children in a loving Christian home free of sexual, mental and physical abuse. They enjoy the outdoors, life on a small farm with animals, fresh air, home cooked food and a life encouraging healthy, productive children into adults.

Since you are now reading this, it now means that the State of Indiana’s Superior Court of Posey County Judge Brent Almon has determined that TJ and his sisters should be forced to have visitation with the monster that has committed these atrocities. Their mother and I vehemently oppose this. We believe it is insane, cruel and unusual to force a child to spend time with the very person that has abused and molested them. The court realizes that this will hurt them emotionally to visit, but also believes counseling will fix them emotionally. In short, they are willing to harm a child just so they can attempt to fix them later. Sorry, this is not acceptable not only for our children, but all children. We will not sacrifice our children and make them walk on the fire because of cowardness and fear.

In the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 9 Verse 42 Jesus states “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” Therefore we consider this a salvation issue for us. If we were to abide by the court decree in this case we ourselves would be party to the children being continually abused in all manners imaginable.

Henceforth we say no. No, we will not abide by the courts decision. We will not allow this monster one more time to abuse or molest these children in any manner. When Tobias is seen driving by, these children cringe and fear him still. They have endured enough. We desire a peaceful end to this and will continue to ask our lawyer Andrea Ciobanu to continue to work to a peaceful means. To protect our children from this monster and the state which cares not for their well being. We are content to stay at our property until a peaceful means has been acquired. Be it known, our desire is to be left alone to freely live and to raise and protect our children from those that would do them harm, as any honorable parent would. However if anyone is willing to take these children from this home to place them into the hands of this monster, will meet resistance. Even to the giving of our lives to do such.

Additionally Indiana Superior Court Judge Brent Almon decreed that Bridget was forbidden her 2nd Amendment right while traveling to and fro the court ordered visitation and counseling. Bridget is a lifetime CCW permit holder in the State of Indiana. Unlike Tobias which has numerous drug felonies including resisting law enforcement.

We are completely aware that by these actions we may be fracturing the law of this state. There are 2 exit strategies we are willing to consider.

That Posey County Superior Court of Indiana reconsider its ruling and reverses such. And all living in this home of 1523 Copperline Rd. E., Mount Vernon, IN 47620 be exonerated of any and all charges levied against us during the course of these events or resulting from these events.

That the State of Indiana change the law forcing the court to render its decree reguarding this case. The courts decision be reversed. And all living in the home of 1523 Copperline Rd. E., Mount Vernon, IN 47620 be exonerated of any and all charges levied against us during the course of these events or resulting from these events.


Robert D. Black
Bridget L. Black

Posey County Indiana Superior Court Judge Brent Almon: 812-838-1325
Posey County Indiana Sheriff Greg Oeth : 812-838-1320
Posey County Indiana Prosecutor Travis Clowers: 812-838-1337

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