Narcissus Revises Christianity, Makes It Liberal
***These are those that discarded the righteousness of Jesus and established their own code of righteousness.

NEWS (strange) Traces of sea plankton discovered attached to International Space Station outer hull
***LMAO…..Welcome to the flat Earth.

Another Step Toward Devastating War
***TPTB want this war….and if Russia won’t play than China.

Two Key Things That Got Overlooked About Project MK Ultra -video

It’s Now A “Human Right” To Not Be Offended
***The children today college on down is a bunch of pussies.

Burden Of Proof and Stand Your Ground

The U.S. Economy is a Perverted, Neo-Feudal, Rent-Seeking Abomination

Family of Mike Brown, Killed by Ferguson Cops, Awarded ‘Reasonable’ Settlement
***The City of St. Louis should have sent the family a bill for the damage caused by the riot they incited