Indiana Christian school at center of LGBT voucher debate -video

Dept. of Defense: “…coalition aircraft would continue to conduct “operations throughout Syria, targeting ISIS forces and providing air support for Coalition partner forces on the ground,”

US Navy probes (as terrorism) destroyer crash that killed seven in Japan

Answers to Readers Questions (Part One)

American student Otto Warmbier, 22, dies six days after being brought back to the US from North Korea in a coma following 17 months in prison for stealing a propaganda poster
***17 months in N.K. labor camp, but not 6 days in the States……..What did N.K. just release in the U.S. using Otto Warmbier……it wasn’t botulism.

Execution by Firing Squad: The Militarized Police State Opens Fire

How Did Everyone in America Miss This?! -video

US infrastructure is falling apart -video
***MAGAbonds will rescue this