Insider Q&A: Salini Impregilo CEO on US infrastructure plan
***”…do a sort of bond to be able to intervene on these structures without spending too much money.” = MAGAbonds

Americans Would Snap Up ‘Make America Great Again’ Bonds -Video
***Cramer finally got something right…….MAGAbonds

Infrastructure plan

Bringing BABs Back: Will Trump Revive Build America Bonds?
***Trump will never reactivate an Obama program…..Trump will make it his, and it will be called MAGAbonds.

Lots of Pepe frog-tears as the alt-right implodes over Trump’s globalist missile strike
***Oh the heartache, this is no surprise to those of us who never trusted this man…..there is a lot more heartache coming folks.

Ivanka Trump hold secret meeting with liberal groups such as Planned Parenthood to find common ground on abortion
***The Trump administration will and is betraying everything they claimed to be…..He will betray the NRA as well. There never will be common ground on abortion.

Donald Trump’s Biggest Problem
***Caesar would murder friends and family of whomever and then throw bread crumbs and the people loved him for it. There in lies the common right wing Trump supporter. ..they focus on the bread crumbs.


Miles of “private” secret tunnels located under City of Amarillo -video

The Real Secrets Buried in Antarctica -video

MANHUNT on for a crazy who sent manifesto to Trump, stole ‘high-end’ guns and disappeared… -video