Investing In a Trump World
***MAGAbonds will be the investment of the Trump administration.

Iran defeats U.S. Navy in defiant animated film

Deep State captures Flynn with en passant move — who’s next?
***Kellyanne ?

Russia will return Crimea when US returns California to Mexico

Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban” – What You’re Not Being Told

Mattis To NATO: “Americans cannot care more for your children’s future security than you do”

The Globalist Long Game – Redefine Liberty Activism As Evil “Populism”

Companies are already implanting employees with microchips

Trump Replaces Flynn With Boss of Super Secret Surveillance Contractor

George Soros Bought a Huge Stake in Goldman Sachs After Trump’s Election

California Schools to Cut Meat and Cheese from Lunch Menu Because Global Warming
***That makes for some lame tacos.

Former Planned Parenthood Employees Reveal: We Treated Women ‘Like Cattle’