‘Told That We Had Nothing to Worry About’: Parents Sue for ‘Wrongful Birth’ After Daughter Born With Down Syndrome

Banks foreclosing on churches in record numbers

PA Atheists Use Race & Slave Imagery in Billboard Against the ‘Barbaric’ Christian Bible

The Church of Sex
***With gimick after gimick to get folks to come into church. This is just another. It is amazing to me the for some reason Jesus is not enough for people. When it is He (Jesus) is what the whole thing is supposed to be about.

Barton Calls Obama ‘America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U.S. President’

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Man Shot At Detroit Gas Station, Reportedly Over Price Of Condoms

Bill introduced to regulate men’s reproductive health

Impeachment for Libyan War of Aggression

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Collapse Coming–Not Recovery

Report: Homeland Security to Build Bio Safety Level 4 Virus Research Facility Centrally Located In Kansas

11-Year-Old Reporter Challenges Michelle Obama on ‘Government’ Role in Anti-Childhood Obesity Push

Shocking photos show result of raw milk man’s 10 days of torture and abuse, effects of government-approved food in LA County jail

UPDATED: Redding CHP officer investigated in child-porn case